Anne Schraff grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. She received both her bachelor's and master's degrees from California State University at Northridge. Anne taught high school for ten years.

Anne started getting paid for her writing in college. She sold a story to a western magazine; this paid her way through college.

She no longer writes pieces for magazines, only fiction and nonfiction books.

Since college she has written hundreds of stories and over eighty books.

Her background, which she describes as " multicultural, lower middle-class neighborhood, including African Americans, Mexican Americans, Arab Americans, and Filipino Americans," is her greatest inspiration when writing. Her father died when she was three; she and her brother were raised by their single mother in neighborhoods that were not by any means upscale.
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Some criticism has been leveled against Schraff because she is not a minority and therefore her view is not genuine. From looking at her Urban Underground series and the themes she includes, this series is not about looking at a minority view, but from a human view. Her lessons are more about what we should have in common--finding love, valuing education, human respect, and importance of family.